How to get a home loan?

Statistics show that mortgage brokers are responsible for writing more than half of all the home loans approved in Australia. In short, being a mortgage broker means being part of a multi-billion-dollar industry.

It is also obvious why people rely on mortgage brokers to find the loans that fit them the best. Looking for lenders and working out which offer is the best can be confusing, not to mention time-consuming as well.

In short, it is much easier for you to just hire a mortgage broker to do all the hard work for you – and for a good reason Well, one of their first jobs is to look into your financial affairs, figure out your creditworthiness, and then help you determine the exact type of loan that will fit you the best.

Then, they introduce you to the variety of home loans that they have available from the panel of lenders they act for. Keep in mind that mortgage brokers offer products from several financial institutions, but not always from all of the lenders on the market.